Decorations – The holidays are coming quick!

Decorations for the holidays

Are you a strict post-Thanksgiving or December-only holiday decorator? Or maybe you don’t put up the decorations until the week before Christmas? Our philosophies on holiday decorating are “the more the merrier” and “the sooner the better.” If you have doubts about timing, you might reconsider when to decorate for Christmas. Plus we’ve got plenty of Christmas decoration ideas to get you started. All of which make you happy, and help you connect with the neighbors.

Toy soldier decorations at night.

These decorations are a perfect way to welcome guests and family. These stack flat so they take hardly any room to store, and you can paint them in any color. We offer our CNC work at an hourly rate if you have a design you would like to have us make it for you. Contact us for more information!

Toy soldier decorations in doors.

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