The Advantages of Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

When it comes to outdoor cabinets, they’re not quite the same as indoor cabinets. While your indoor and outdoor cabinets may share the same features and accessories, outdoor cabinets must have the appropriate fixtures and products installed to weather the elements of nature on outdoor cabinets.


Here are many of the great advantages to having weatherproof outdoor cabinets:

Easy Cleaning

Outdoor cabinets are subject to rain, wind, sun and more, putting them a higher risk of becoming dirty. With our weatherproof cabinets you can easily hose down the cabinets inside and out without worrying about causing damage to the product. You can even use a power washer to get the job done!


Sun Safe

Your outdoor cabinets are more than likely to have plenty of sun exposure over the years. If you were to install regular wood or PVC cabinetry, you’d see your outdoor cabinets slowly fade and deteriorate from sun exposure. Our cabinets use HDPE boards that contain ultraviolet inhibitors–basically built-in sunscreen!

Stain Resistant

Our outdoor cabinets are also resistant to stains which means everything from rust, glues, oil, dirt and more can be easily wiped away and won’t leave unsightly marks on your outdoor cabinets.


Outdoor cabinets may fall victim to hungry bugs and insects, however not our weatherproof cabinets. This product line contains no organic compounds, which are what attracts termites and bugs in the first place, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen cabinets without fear of a termite takeover.

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