Keys to a great closet design

Keys to a great closet design – Many people take very little time in planning their closets, and end up with an imperfect match to their clothing and lifestyle. It’s a time where regret sets in because you end up with the feeling of “missing the mark”, which will plague you every time you walk in to get dressed. 


If you’re thinking about a new closet, here are some keys to help you prepare and get the best closet design and most enjoyable closet space.

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Remodeling Your Home Office

In recent years more and more homeowners are working from home. But if your home office isn’t designed for full-time use, accomplishing your work-related goals can be difficult. By planning and upgrading appropriately, you can make your home office a motivating and comfortable environment.
Home office needs will differ based on work habits and lifestyle. Many homeowners prefer to locate their offices away from loud living spaces. If you need a quiet space, think about converting your attic or basement into a residential office. Parents who need to work while monitoring children may want a more centralized space

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5 Design Tricks That Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

If you could remodel your dream kitchen, would it be big with a lot of open space, or small and crowded? Surely, most of us would want to knock down a wall or two. But in reality, expanding your kitchen can be costly and may not be an option. Sometimes, it’s best to work with the existing charm of your small kitchen. The good news is that there are some tricks of the interior-design trade to help with this all-to-common problem.

5 Design Tricks That Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

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Custom Commercial Cabinets

Custom Commercial Cabinets

When it comes to small businesses moving out of a home office, often clients over think the concept of their cabinets. They think about hiring teams to evaluate audience perception, psychological impact of color, etc. They read website after website. The advice is followed, but then at the end of the project they are left working in a space that feels like it is someone else’s.

Custom Commercial Cabinets

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Door Style Planning

When you’re planning for a new kitchen–either because you’re building a home or doing a remodel–choosing your kitchen cabinet door style is critical for the look you’ll achieve. When you’re looking at cabinet door choices, there are the obvious factors you’ll take into account such as color, stain, finish and whether you want a distressed or antiqued look or not. You might even be thinking about a glazing technique as a finishing touch.

Door style planning


Before you get to that point, you’ll want to choose your actual kitchen cabinet door style first. And there are three things you should keep in mind when doing so, to ensure you choose a door style you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

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Choosing The Right Range Hood

As an architectural element, the range hood over the stove represents one of the key opportunities in the kitchen to make a unique and impressive design statement or a simple subtle look to support the overall style of your kitchens design. There are so many range hood styles to select, from oversize hoods to concealed hoods. The possibilities are endless, but it’s helpful to know some tips prior to making the final decision on your range hood.

Range Hood

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The Importance of Entertainment Centers

Developing entertainment areas in your home is a great way to enhance your family’s together time. Home theaters with built in entertainment centers and bars with custom bar cabinets are a great addition to any home. It’s where the kids pitch their sheet forts to watch a movie. It’s where your husband hosts a viewing party for the big game. It’s where you settle in with some great friends to watch the new episode of your favorite show. It’s where the whole family lets loose for a while and has a dance party to some silly music. 

entertainment centers

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The Advantages of Having a Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island in your home is a great way to add versatility to your kitchen. Kitchen islands serve different purposes, some house the sink, some house the cooktop, and some only house storage. Whichever island type you fall into, there are many advantages to having one. Kitchen islands today are becoming more and more popular to have in the home, and we can see why. Below are some of the many advantages the kitchen island in your home!

Additional Amenities

An island is a great spot to incorporate additional amenities such as a wine unit, or even a microwave drawer.  Having extra electrical outlets in your island is a great way to utilize small appliances and keep them from cluttering the other main kitchen work areas.

Kitchen Islands

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The Advantages of Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

When it comes to outdoor cabinets, they’re not quite the same as indoor cabinets. While your indoor and outdoor cabinets may share the same features and accessories, outdoor cabinets must have the appropriate fixtures and products installed to weather the elements of nature on outdoor cabinets.


Here are many of the great advantages to having weatherproof outdoor cabinets:

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Kitchen Accessories – 5 great ways to incoporate them into your kitchen

Kitchen Accessories

Cooking should be made easy when you have the perfect accessories placed within your cabinetry. Accessories help organize and store all your utensils, pots and pans for your personal convenience. Here are 5 must haves in your kitchen to make cooking as easy as possible!

Knife Drawer

Keep all your knives organized, sharp and ready to use, with our knife drawer kit. The kit has full extension soft close guides that provide full access to the drawer. Have little ones? Our magnetic lock kit is the perfect solution. The lock system does not require the standard keys or keyholes, therefore maintaining the look of your drawer front.

kitchen accessories

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