Planning and Fuctionality

Custom Cabinets Design Guide

Your dream for a more beautiful, comfortable home will become a reality when your surroundings accommodate your lifestyle.
Developing a house plan that is brimming with functionality and personal taste is easy when you work with A Ward Design. We’ll look at your lifestyle and analyze your needs, then they’ll transform your preferences into a custom cabinets design plan that includes storage units, drawers and cabinets that maximize efficiency.

A Ward Design will not only make your home functional, we’ll make it look fabulous, too! We’ll help you create unity throughout your home; making sure it reflects your own sense of style.  Whether you are looking for custom kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom cabinets, or any custom cabinetry projects for your home, A Ward Design can help you create a custom cabinetry plan to suit your needs.

Begin by determining the type of style that best reflects you:

  • Modern– This style favors sleek, minimalist design over intricate detail. It also includes cooler, dramatic, contrasting colors – such as black and white – rather than warm, muted, neutral tones. If you want to build custom cabinets with a modern feel, go for straight lines and contrast, such as black cabinets with Metal Fusion accents. You could also combine cabinet colors for dramatic effect – think white wall cabinets with black cabinets in a kitchen island.
  • Rustic– This style can be defined by one word: natural. Wooden walls, wooden cabinets in every room of the house – including the bathroom – and a stone fireplace are the markers of a classic rustic home. Wood is always the base material for cabinets in this setting, usually pine or hickory in medium tones. Most are built without much flourish, but sometimes they’re accented with decorative hinges and knobs or accents engraved in the wood.
  • Cottage– Cottage cabinets resemble cottage-style rooms in that their look is softer, with a combination of straight and rounded moldings and more subtle colors. The color schemes range from white and cream to light pastels, and the cabinets often follow suit. To fit the open nature of cottage-style rooms, you may see a combination of traditional cabinets and open shelves on the walls.
  • Tuscan– This style has become a popular motif over the last few years. The terracotta tiles, sun-drenched earth tones and wrought-iron accessories provide the perfect background for cabinets made of cherry or maple wood and stained in rich earthy colors. Many Tuscan-style rooms feature earthy metal accents as a contrast to the wood. For instance, brass knobs or copper hinges look great on a light-stained cabinet door.

Custom cabinets are among the most expensive items in any room – be sure to choose cabinets that will work well in any setting. If you’re planning to redecorate in the next few years, you might want a more neutral style that could easily be adapted with a few small changes. For instance, a colonial set in a light wood would fit right into a French countryside setting with different accessories.

What Features Do I Want or Need?
Even if your primary reason for your custom cabinets design is cosmetic, there are many options you can include to make the space more efficient. Maybe your original cabinets made it impossible to keep items organized, or you always had to struggle to get items from the back. This is a chance to not only give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, but also to resolve the issues your old cabinets created.

Unlike stock cabinets, which come only with a few adjustable shelves, we can create a custom cabinets design to meet  your exact storage needs. Special features and storage options, include:

  • Plate holders– allow you to safely store fine china and other valuable dishware, reducing the damage that sometimes results from stacking.
  • Knife racks– keep your cutlery sharp while keeping sharp blades out of reach.
  • Pull-out shelves– make it easier to access items tucked away in the back.
  • Shelves on the door– create more storage space.
  • Specially built shelves– hold items like silverware, wine and spices – items that aren’t always easy to store in more standard cabinets.
  • Slide-out baskets– hold trash cans and recycling bins, keeping them within reach but out of sight.
  • Integrated panels– create a more consistent look throughout the room.

Depending on your storage priorities, you can have these features built right into the cabinets or created as separate pieces that can be added or removed as needed. Either way, you have custom cabinetry that’s attractive, functional and makes the most use of available space.

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