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Finish options by A Ward Design

Distinguish Your Custom Cabinets with Paint, Stain and Glaze.
Paint, stain and glaze are incredibly important when designing your new custom cabinets. Although you likely began your custom cabinet design project by choosing the wood and door style that most appealed to your needs and sense of style, the cabinet finishes such as paint, stain and glaze you choose will enhance the overall look of your custom cabinetry while distinguishing your taste. For example, imagine creating a custom island – one that blends with your existing cabinetry, but with a new door style or stain. Consider adding a glaze for a richer, more customized look, or consider further customizing the look with painted wood cabinets. With A Ward Design, your options are only limited by your taste.

finish options

Combining a stain or paint with a glaze can change the look of your cabinetry entirely. For example, if you chose a bead board door, but the stain or paint alone doesn’t do enough to highlight the craftsmanship, adding a deeper glaze will give your cabinets a richer-looking texture. Try adding painted wood cabinets in a coordinating color and discover how this easy touch can provide the details that make custom cabinet design satisfying. We also have an extensive library of custom paint match formulas for our cabinetry. From antiqued looks to the incredible depth that stains, paints and glazes provide, you are sure to enhance the look of your custom cabinetry for years to come – in a way that expresses your own unique taste!


Color Select and Matching

A Ward Design’s standard stains and enamels are just the start, you personalize your cabinet finish by choosing from over 1,000 different enamel colors from the Sherwin-Williams fan deck.

You can match your stain or enamel to your favorite piece of furniture or fabric color with our color match option. When it comes to color, the possibilities are endless.


Hand Applied Stain Finish

A Ward Design uses high solids catalyzed conversion varnishes. All of our stains are hand applied, providing a greated depth to the cabinet finish. Browse our door styles and options


Glazing Packages

Lite Shadow
Bold Shadow








Lite Brushed Shadow
Bold Brushed Shadow








Lite Shadow – The finish look is achieved by applying glaze to the entire base color, wiping off by hand, with the flat surfaces wiped clean and careful attention paid to the minimal hang-up remaining in the corners and profiles of the door and drawer.

Bold Shadow – Another glaze-enhancing option, this rich look is achieved by applying glaze to the entire base finish, carefully wiping off by hand and detailed attention to achieving a heavier, bolder, well-defined glaze of the straight lines and profiles of the door and drawer. 

Lite Brushed Shadow – The third of the glze options, this subtle look combines the technique of Lite Shadow along with a dry brushing of glaze on the flat surfaces of the frame and panel of the door and drawer.

Bold Brushed Shadow – The last of the glaze options, this classy look combines the technique of Bold Shadow along with a dry brushing of glaze on the flat surfaces of the frame and panel of the door and drawer.


Distressing Packages

Worn Package
Weathered Package
Antiquing Package






Worn Package – Distressing is done prior to applying the finish. This subtle time-worn look is achieved by lightly distressing the wood with a random assortment of the following:

  • Claw Hammer Dents
  • Dings & Dents
  • Worm Holes

Weathered Package – Along with the characteristics of the Worn Package, this character-adding, aged appearance also includes the following randomly applied features:

  • Rasping/Gouging
  • Knife Splits
  • Rounded/Sanded Corners & Profiles
  • Small Chisel Marks

Antiquing Package – This old world technique is crafted by painting the door, then sanding areas to expose the raw or stained wood underneath to give it that “aged” look.

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