Framed VS Full Access

When purchasing kitchen cabinets, there are generally two different construction types: framed and frameless. This distinction has to do with the way the box is built. A framed cabinet has an overlying frame or structure in the front to support the box, while a frameless cabinet does not. Both offer a quality, stylish cabinet but with very different looks and function. We will outline the differences between them below so that  you can make a more informed decision.

Framed Cabinetry

A framed cabinet may have one of three choices for doors: a full overlay, which means the door covers the reveal completely; a semi-overlay, which gives a small reveal; and an inset door, which means that the door fits inside the reveal, which entirely frames the door like a picture frame. Framed cabinetry tends to be a more traditional cabinet style.

framed vs full access

Full Access Cabinetry

Frameless cabinets are constructed such that the cabinet door attaches directly to the side wall of the cabinet. This means that when the cabinet doors are closed, there is no reveal or surround around the door. For this reason, a frameless cabinet often provides you with a more contemporarycleaner, and more minimal appearance than a framed cabinet, which has a varying degree of reveal depending on where the cabinet door is hung.


framed vs full access


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