Choosing The Right Range Hood

As an architectural element, the range hood over the stove represents one of the key opportunities in the kitchen to make a unique and impressive design statement or a simple subtle look to support the overall style of your kitchens design. There are so many range hood styles to select, from oversize hoods to concealed hoods. The possibilities are endless, but it’s helpful to know some tips prior to making the final decision on your range hood.

Range Hood

First and foremost, it is essential to know that a range hood is still a kitchen appliance and not just decoration. The range hood was designed with purpose and has a specific job to do and that is to properly ventilate all the odors and grease that build up from constant cooking in the kitchen. When researching for range hoods, make sure to consider the blower power, size and noise tolerance before selecting your range hood style.

Once you have those key points decided upon, then the fun part begins…. creating the perfect style hood for you.

Range Hood Range Hood



Wood hoods can be simple or dramatic depending on the size and styling that is selected and are a great way to create a stunning focal point or anchor in your kitchen design, especially when incorporating a hood with unique design elements. Whether your hood is independent or integrated within the adjoining cabinetry, it will affect the entire feel of the kitchen. Wood hoods add a textural element and can either be stained or painted to match the cabinetry or finished in a contrasting color to create that eye-catching pop.

Range Hood

With the help from A Ward Design, we will guide you through the detailed selection process of all the exclusive design features and finishes to bring your one-of-a-kind hood to life.

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